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Thursday, 3 September 2009

The new site is almost up and running, we've created our logo although we're debating on touching it up sometime in the near future. The site still needs some tidying up but this will be done as we go along. We plan to go fully live as from the 8th September when we've sorted out our domain name after which we'll get to work on advertising the site as much as possible, this includes posting adverts and distributing posters across the North.

We've set up NoS-LUG not to be just another LUG but as a place for other LUGs or potential ones in the North of Scotland to advertise themselves, events etc in a central portal dedicated to the area. With this we hope to achieve a better Linux comunity closer to home by helping local LUGs grow, reach out to new members, collaberate with other groups in the same area or close by and get some more Linux activity buzzing up here.

Many Lugs up this way have come and gone with little or no success, Just check out this list on many of the closest lugs are labeled as inactive and as for the Highland lug their forum seems to be a bit quiet these days. We know there are many people up here who use and share an interest in Linux we want to spread the word and make the North of Scotland a more active Linux using comunity

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