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Saturday, 17 October 2009

One of Euan's arguments for the Mac is that it's not susceptible to Viruses. This is not true as I found out in this fortnight's Computer Active magazine. There is a news in brief article warning of a new threat to the Mac. Here is the article in full.

"New Trojan War
Security vendor Intego claims to have uncovered a new Trojan attack that targets Apple's OSX operating system. The OSX.RSPlug. A Trojan disguises itself as a program that offers access to a pornographic video. Intego said that malware authors have spammed Mac forums with links to pornographic websites hosting the malware. While secrurity experts agree that such malware would pose a very serious threat to Mac users, it remains unclear just how far the reported Trojan has spread."

[Computer Active issue 254]

So Euan better be careful. If he doesn't use anti-virus software and firewall like normal everyday PC users do, he could be in for a shock! I should get a hold of his email address. Maybe I should send him a link to a porno site he might be interested in looking at, Hmmm.

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