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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

NoS-LUG t-shirts

Some of the members of NoS-LUG are planning to go down to Oggcamp next year (I hope it will be on) and to mark the occasion we decided to make some t-shirts for the group. The first design is shown below:

In case the image isn't clear we have a tartan Tux sitting on a world map with arrows pointing to all corners of the globe. 'NoS-LUG' at the top and'on tour' at the bottom. With the back print simply stating the website adress ''

I decided against going for an Oggcamp logo simply so that the t-shirts could be used again for other vsits without looking dated, general visiting regalia you might say.

Please post any comments of this on the NoS-LUG forum, although it may seem a bit away we need to get moving now to get these made and then orders taken. I want to make sure the quality of the manufacturers gear is up to scratch so I will be expecting to get some samples. I just hope we will have enough time.

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